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Founded in 2001, SEGMARKETING is the leading consulting firm in Israel for customer relationship management (CRM). Founder and CEO of SEGMARKETING, Rafi Albo, is an expert in the loyalty marketing industry. In the 6 years since its inception, SEGMARKETING has established and supported CRM solutions for a wide range of industries, from telecom giant Cellcom to retail clothing outlets like TNT and Honigman.

SEGMARKETING clients are some of the leaders in the local markets. Located in Israel, SEGMARKETING also maintains both commercial and collegial relationships with different organizations around the globe. These relationships provide SEGMARKETING with special insight into the specific needs of foreign marketers. Due to our insight into the local market, our customers gain a tremendous advantage in servicing the emerging Israeli CRM market.

Whether you are interested in a new survey of the Israeli market or you seek consultation for preparation of an important conference anywhere in the world, SEGMARKETING’s team of experts is ready to serve you.

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